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Hometown Heroes Tug at Heartstrings

Before we get swept up with tales of heroics acts from people we don't know, it is important to acknowledge and commend heroes right in our midst. Jason and Heather Lilyquist of Howards Grove, Wisconsin, get my vote as favorites.…

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Moral Stem Cell Research Makes New Gains

The news couldn't be more exciting -- and depressing at the same time. Most likely, you have a relative with one of the progressive diseases that plague humanity, diseases like Parkinson's or diabetes. You want progress in curing or at…

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Planned Parenthood Sued for Botched Abortions

Botched abortions? By that supposed pillar of society, Planned Parenthood? Hasn't it been drummed into our heads that once abortions are legal, they are safe? Tell that to two women who were so severely injured that they sued. In Nebraska,…

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Miracle Baby Survives Abortion Attempt

Surviving an abortion attempt is a rarity, but sometimes babies are intended to just make it. Baby Finley Percival of Nottinghamshire, England wasn't supposed to live, but one day he will tell the story of his miraculous survival in what…

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Obama’s Motto: Leave No Unborn Child Protected

"Obama's In," screamed the headline in this morning's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Get ready for the Obama spin, facilitated by the mainstream media. Despite being the most pro-abortion candidate -- ever -- Obama said this past weekend in South Dakota that,…

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Possible Obama VP Pick, Sebelius, Courts Trouble

Mentioned as a possible VP pick for Obama, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius is attracting a lot of unwelcome attention for her pro-abortion views. It's hard to describe one abortionist as more notorious than another, but if there were a contest,…

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