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Is Embryonic Stem Cell Research Already Obsolete?

Our state and country have invested a mind-boggling hundreds of millions of dollars in embryonic stem cell research. States are vying to become the embryonic stem cell research capital of the world, with Wisconsin in the hunt. Controversy surrounds the…

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Barack and Babies – Not His Favorite People

By now everyone is familiar with Obama's famous statement that he wouldn't want to "punish" his daughters with a baby if they were pregnant. When observers were aghast at this description, he later tried to backtrack by saying his two…

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Hillary Flirts with Assisted Suicide

Just when you think it couldn't get much worse between Clinton and Obama, one of them ventures further into the pro-death mentality. This time it is Hillary. Earlier this week, she was in Oregon which owns the infamous reputation of…

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Planned Parenthood Continues to be Enemy #1

When writing about Planned Parenthood, it's hard to know where to begin. This mega-corporation is an incredible blight on our nation -- and yet it receives enough public and private dollars to make it a $1 billion corporation nationally. That's…

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Gableman Victory Oh So Sweet!

Against enormous odds, a little-known judge from a tiny town in northern Wisconsin will now sit on the State Supreme Court for the next ten years. Gableman made no promises about issues or cases, as is fitting a judicial candidate.…

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