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2021-2022 Wisconsin State Legislative Session

The Wisconsin Heartbeat Act

would prohibit abortion after a heartbeat is detected, and hold abortion providers accountable if they knowingly perform an abortion (1) without determining whether the fetus has a detectable heartbeat, (2) without informing the mother of the results, or (3) after determining that a fetus has a detectable heartbeat. Furthermore, according to 2021-2022 Wisconsin State Current Legislation session, this legislation allows citizens to hold abortionist accountable through private lawsuits.

The Shield the Vulnerable Act

According to 2021-2022 Wisconsin State Current Legislation, the act  would ban abortions that are performed solely based on the sex, race, or disability diagnosis of an unborn child.

The Prenatal Diagnosis Information Act

would require that the physician who administered the prenatal or postnatal test that identified a congenital condition, also provide the parent, or expectant parent, with education resources on that congenital condition and supportive resources that are available to them.

The Women’s Right to Know Act

would require physicians to explain that women have a small opportunity of time in which the effects of the first pill given in a chemical abortion can be counteracted should they change their mind in the abortion process and chose life for their unborn child.



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