Thank you Congressman Duffy

“Wisconsin Right to Life has been beyond blessed to have pro-life Representative Sean Duffy represent the values of the 7th District for five terms,” said Heather Weininger, Wisconsin Right to Life Executive Director. “We have two words for representatives like Sean Duffy,” Weininger continued, “Champion and Hero. It’s one thing to win an election and

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Governor Evers Vetoes Pro-Life Legislation

“We now know that Governor Evers cares more about the abortion industry than women and babies in Wisconsin,” stated Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life.  “Just 24 hours after receiving the bills, and late on a Friday afternoon, Governor Evers ensured that women in Wisconsin won’t receive relevant information when seeking an

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Wisconsin Right to Life Calls on Governor Evers to Sign the Bills

“Yesterday, hundreds of pro-life activists from across Wisconsin joined us in Madison to show their support for four common-sense prolife pieces of legislation,” shared Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “Not only were hundreds of supporters there, but Melissa Ohden, a survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion, and Claire Culwell, a

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Wisconsin State Senate Passes Package of Pro-Life Bills

“Yesterday, the State Senate passed the same four pro-life bills the State Assembly passed in May,” shared Heather Weininger, executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “The great disappointment is that Governor Evers has already shared he will veto these bills. “How can a governor who wants to support healthy moms and babies veto a

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Governor Evers, Shame on You

“Before Governor Evers even gave the public an opportunity to speak, he announced that his veto pen was out and ready,” shared Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “Thankfully, Wisconsin did pass a bill to protect unborn babies born alive from failed abortion attempts that was signed into law on December 18,

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