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Veritas Society TV Ads

The Veritas Society (the non-profit media arm of the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund) produces media designed and tested to effectively speak to women who are making life-and-death decisions. We never guess. We test. And, we test again, until we are sure the media we are creating hits the mark for effectiveness. Focus groups of target-demographic women review our TV ads before they are fully produced. This means we know our ads will change hearts and minds to favor life even before they are revealed to the public. Below are TV ads produced prior to 2021. For our most current TV ads, please see the media page of the Veritas Society website.

TV Ads from 2021 and earlier . . .

Some of the ads shown above were produced in association with Heroic Media. To learn how you can change hearts and minds with these powerful TV ads in your community, please contact Heather. See our newest Veritas Society TV ads on the Veritas Society website.

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