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Valere Circle Logo

In 2019, Wisconsin Right to Life formed the Valere Circle,
a donor recognition group especially for our most ardent supporters,
offering a peer network for those who have made or plan to make
a sacrificial gift for the sake of Life.

The most important investments one will ever make will be those that preserve intrinsic values for future generations.

Every year through their contributions of time, talent, or treasure, thousands of donors and volunteers profess their belief that euthanasia, infanticide, abortion, and the destruction of human embryos are socially, legally and ethically unacceptable solutions to human problems, and work to promote positive alternatives to these acts.

The Valere Circle is a community of donors to Wisconsin Right to Life, all of whom have made sacrificial financial gifts for the sake of life, strengthening their courage to protect the dignity of life every day, and fulfilling their desire to build a life-affirming legacy for the future. A new cohort of donors is welcomed every year, and donors who pledge to give through their will or estate automatically receive lifetime memberships.

Each year, the Valere Circle hosts stewardship events, offers personal service opportunities, and introduces members to each other, creating an interconnected community of pro-life influencers and business leaders to sustain the organization for generations to come.

To learn more, or to declare your intention to make a gift “for life,” please contact our Major Gift Officer, Mary Beth.

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