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Endorsed Candidates

U.S. Senate 

Leah Vukmir (R) 


U.S. House of Representatives  

 District 1 Bryan Steil (R) 

District 3 Steve Toft (R) 

District 5 F. James Sensenbrenner (R), Incumbent 

District 6 Glenn Grothman (R), Incumbent 

District 7 Sean Duffy (R), Incumbent 

District 8 Mike Gallagher (R), Incumbent 


Scott Walker (R), Incumbent 


Lt. Governor  

Rebecca Kleefisch (R), Incumbent 


Attorney General  

Brad Schimel (R), Incumbent 

Wisconsin State Senate 

District 1 Andre Jacque* (R)  

District 5 Dale Kooyenga (R) 

District 9 Devin LeMahieu (R), Incumbent 

District 11 Steven Nass (R), Incumbent 

District 17 Howard Marklein (R), Incumbent 

District 23 Kathy Bernier (R)  

District 27 Casey Helbach (R) 

District 31 Mel Pittman* (R) 

District 33 Chris Kapenga (R), Incumbent 

Wisconsin State Assembly   

District 3 – Ron Tusler* (R), Incumbent  

District 4 – David Steffen (R), Incumbent  

District 13 – Rob Hutton* (R), Incumbent 

District 14 – Matt  Adamczyk (R)   

District 15 – Joe Sanfelippo* (R), Incumbent  

District 22  – Janel Brandtjen* (R), Incumbent  

District 23  – Jim Ott (R), Incumbent  

District 24 – Dan Knodl (R), Incumbent 

District 25 – Paul Tittl (R), Incumbent 

District 26 –  Terry Katsma (R), Incumbent  

District 30 –  Shannon Zimmerman (R), Incumbent  

District 33  – Cody Horlacher* (R), Incumbent  

District 37 – John Jagler (R), Incumbent 

District 38 – Barbara Dittrich (R) 

District 39 – Mark Born* (R), Incumbent 

District 40  – Kevin Petersen (R), Incumbent 

District 43  – Gabe Szerlong (R)

District 51 – Todd Novak** (R), Incumbent 

District 52  – Jeremy Thiesfeldt* (R), Incumbent  

District 53 –  Michael Schraa (R), Incumbent  

District 55 – Mike Rohrkaste (R), Incumbent 

District 56 – Dave Murphy (R), Incumbent 

District 59 – Timothy Ramthun (R) 

District 58  – Rick Gundrum (R), Incumbent  

District 67 – Rob Summerfield (R), Incumbent 

District 69  – Bob Kulp* (R), Incumbent  

District 72 – Scott Krug (R), Incumbent 

District 75  – Romaine Quinn (R), Incumbent  

District 82 – Ken Skowronski (R), Incumbent 

District 83 – Chuck Wichgers* (R), Incumbent 

District 87 – James Edming (R), Incumbent 

District 92 – Treig Pronschinske (R), Incumbent 

District 97 – Scott Allen (R), Incumbent 

District 98 – Adam Neylon (R), Incumbent 

*This candidate received a qualified endorsement due to his or her position on a personhood amendment. Learn more about why a personhood amendment is wrong for Wisconsin. 

**This candidate received a qualified endorsement due to his or her position on rape and incest exceptions. 

Note: All even-numbered State Senate seats are not up for election this year.