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Right-to-Life Champions!

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On January 31st, four young ladies from the West Bend area were in the state capitol for a public hearing on a bill in which they had interest. When they found out about the partial-birth abortion ban hearing, they stayed all day (hearing started at 10:00am, hearing on pba ban started at 3:30pm) so that they could be present for the hearing and testify. It was around 5:00pm when all four of them went up together to testify in favor of the ban. Three of them are 15 and the other 13. All are home-schooled. One was cuter than the next. Their main points were:

  • Planned Parenthood isn’t going to get us.
  • 1/3 of our generation has been lost to abortion.
  • Our generation is going to end this holocaust.

I hovered between busting my buttons and crying! The legislators gushed all over them. They sounded as though they had been trained by our teen staff and leaders. With champions like these young girls, the babies are in good hands!


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