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Young People Expected to Flock to Capitol for Key Public Hearing

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The tides are changing as the young slowly but surely take over the fight to protect unborn children and other vulnerable people. Participants in the annual January 22 March for Life in Washington, D.C. are now mostly young people.

Numbers of college and high school students and young adults are expected to attend the February 27 public hearing on SB 398 to oppose this legislation which would repeal Wisconsin’s historic abortion ban. (Note: the public hearing was changed from 10:00am to 12 Noon.) Some will testify against SB 398. For many, it will be their first foray into a politically-charged atmosphere. The hearing will expose them to the shallow arguments used by proponents of abortion to keep the killing of the unborn legal.

This powerful youth movement is very good news for right-to-life efforts. Savvy and wise beyond their years, young people understand what is at stake, having lost 1/3 of their generation already to abortion. The vulnerable are in good hands for many years into the future.


P.S. – Here is a link to a map of downtown Madison parking structures.

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