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Lost in the uproar…

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Lost in the uproar of a public hearing on a bill (SB 398) to repeal Wisconsin’s abortion ban, is the vote in the Assembly on Thursday, February 28, on AB 710, a state partial-birth abortion ban. Although not as important as saving Wisconsin’s abortion ban, AB 710 represents another step forward in ensuring that Wisconsin will not tolerate the willful and brutal killing of unborn children.

In a partial-birth abortion, the abortionist turns the baby around in the womb and pulls the baby out feet first leaving only the baby’s head inside of the mother. The abortionist has to take great care not to deliver the whole baby. After all, what would he/she do with a fully live-born baby, especially when the mother has asked for a dead baby? The abortionist then stabs the baby at the base of the skull with a scissors, opens up the scissors to make a larger hole, inserts a suction catheter and sucks out the baby’s brains.

Partial-birth abortions are performed most often in the fifth month of pregnancy and up to the ninth month. Proponents of abortion rant and rave that a “health” exception is needed to the ban. Pure nonsense. Since a partial-birth abortion takes three days to complete, why would you wait that long to save a mother’s health or even her life? A “health” exception would give the abortionist full rein to perform any abortion he/she wants since health is defined so broadly as to include the mother’s age and feeling of well being.

Thanks to the federal Congress, our own Congressman James Sensenbrenner and President Bush, partial-birth abortion is no longer legal in our country. A state partial-birth abortion ban is needed to give local prosecutors the tools to prosecute violations of the ban. Congratulations and thanks to Speaker Mike Huebsch, Rep. Jim Ott, Rep. Tony Staskunas and the Wisconsin Assembly for moving AB 710 forward.

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