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History in the Making!

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God has blessed us with such a wonderful turn-out in Madison today – we are overwhelmed!

People have come by the busload, by the van load and by the car load to show their opposition to SB 398, legislation to repeal Wisconsin’s historic abortion ban. Literally hundreds of people from all over the state (including many, many young people) have come to the capitol to show their love and respect for precious human life – and the excitement is electric!

We estimate that over 500 right-to-life people are here. Comparing our numbers to the contingent representing Planned Parenthood, (Wisconsin and the nation’s largest abortion provider), we are certainly in the majority. We have counted only 12 people representing the pro-abortion side.

This kind of grass-roots response is nothing short of history-making! When all of Wisconsin’s abortion clinics are finally closed, those participating here today and those participating through prayer from their homes will be able to say, “I helped make history.” Thank you all!


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