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Behind the Scene Tidbits You Won’t Hear in the News

Last week’s public hearing on the proposed repeal of Wisconsin‘s abortion ban had a very public side. But there were some fascinating things going on behind the scenes that didn’t make the news:

  • Over 500 right-to-lifers came to oppose SB 398, the proposed repeal of Wisconsin‘s abortion ban. There were about 50 people in support. Seeing how outnumbered they were, Planned Parenthood and its allies were overheard in the hallway calling people and begging them to come to the capitol.

  • Several right-to-lifers brought their children. Representative Therese Berceau, one of the authors of the repeal, chastised the parents for inappropriately bringing children to such a hearing and using them as props.

  • After the hearing was over, Senator Jon Erpenbach, chair of the committee and a supporter of the repeal, was reminded that over 500 people were there in opposition. He remarked that the people who came were not representative of the state. Talk about dismissing hundreds of people who went out of their way to attend his hearing!

  • A 14-year-old young man who was just standing in the hallway wearing his “Save 940.40” button got a tongue-lashing from one of the supporters of the repeal. She repeatedly asked him why he was against women, why he wanted to hurt them.

  • Planned Parenthood had a video camera and filmed everyone who testified. A political ad in the making?


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