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Planned Parenthood Resorts to Flagrantly Dishonest Campaign in Attempt to Defeat Right-to-Life Legislators

Planned Parenthood is airing radio ads right now falsely claiming that right-to-life Speaker Mike Huebsch, Rep. Jim Ott, Rep. Mark Honadel and Rep. Karl Van Roy want to send women who have abortions to prison.

Why all the distortion and at this time? For several important reasons:

  1. The first is purely political. PP has targeted these four legislators for defeat in November and wants to “bloody them up” early and often.
  2. PP is running scared. Essentially PP is admitting that the days of Roe v. Wade may be numbered. It knows that Wisconsin’s abortion ban will go into effect when Roe is gone and their abortions clinics will be shut down. Lots of abortion revenue at stake here.

The evident hypocrisy is that PP helped create and fully endorsed a statute in 1985 which negates penalties for women under Wisconsin’s abortion ban. Our guess is that in their zeal to score political points it forgot that messy little detail.


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