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Bill to Repeal 940.04 is Dead!

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The 2007-08 legislative session is over and Wisconsin’s abortion ban – s. 940.04 – is still on the lawbooks! In spite of the efforts of pro-abortion organizations and their allies in the legislature, we prevailed – together! The bill to repeal 940.04 is dead!

Pro-abortion and middle-of-the-road legislators were scared to death to take a vote on whether 940.04 should be repealed. Those legislators saw the outpouring of support for 940.04 from Wisconsin citzens and they could not ignore it! They saw the over 500 people who had traveled to Madison to testify in favor of keeping s.940.04 on the lawbooks. Those legislators were the ones who received the phone calls, letters and e-mail messages that had been sent by thousands of people across the state in support of saving 940.04. And in the end, it was those pro-abortion and middle-of-the-road legislators who decided it was not in their political interest to be on record as voting to repeal 940.04.

It’s called the power of the people. The people (you) told the legislature in no uncertain terms to keep 940.04 on the lawbooks so that unborn babies will be protected when Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Thank you, friends, for flexing your political muscle on behalf of the babies!


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