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McCain Benefiting from Dem Catfight

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Can it get any worse? While Senators Clinton and Obama engage in a slugfest (through their “operatives,” of course), McCain climbs in stature and in the polls. It is a long time until November 4, however.

Of course, the presidential election is vital to right-to-life interests. It’s all about justices, justices and justices. That would be U.S. Supreme Court justices.

In January of 2009, six of the nine Supremes will be 70 or older. It’s hard to construct a scenario where the next president makes NO appointments to the high court. We all know what either Clinton or Obama will do. They will require any nominees to sign in blood that they will uphold Roe v Wade until their last breath. Justices like Souter and Breyer. What a disaster for unborn children who will be relegated to non-human status for decades to come under this scheme.

Wisconsin Right to Life PAC has not endorsed a presidential candidate as yet. We are, however, making the contrast between fanatical pro-abortionists — Clinton and Obama — and McCain who has a solid right-to-life voting record and has stated on numerous occasions that his picks for the high court will be individuals like Roberts and Alito.

What a contrast in views and philosophy! Stay tuned for further developments.


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