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More on Obama and Clinton

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Yesterday, I wrote about the “no contest” contrast on picking the next U.S. Supreme Court nominees depending on who is elected president.

Elect Obama or Clinton — you get justices like Souter and Breyer.

Elect McCain — you get justices like Roberts and Alito.

This is a no brainer!

But, what about all of the other right-to-life issues that face the Congress and president? It would be hard to find two individuals more committed to the destruction of human life than Obama and Clinton. There simply isn’t a single unborn child that either would protect. Obama even refused to support legislation in Illinois that would protect babies who survive abortion attempts!

Here is what you can expect from Obama or Clinton:

  • Taxpayer funding of abortion on demand and rationed health care (through either the Obama or Clinton health care plans)
  • Federal funding of abortions overseas, in military hospitals
  • Full federal funding to destroy human embryos
  • Mandated medical services with no conscience protections
  • Freedom of Choice Act which would mandate abortion on demand in every state and reverse state laws such as parental consent prior to a minor girl’s abortion
  • Hundreds of federal court appointments of individuals who want to legislate from the bench

This is a watershed year for the protection of human life. For vulnerable people whose lives are at risk, so much rides on who occupies the White House.


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