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Who is Louis Butler … Really?

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Patrick Mcllheran’s excellent piece in the Journal Sentinel this week exposes the outrageous track record of State Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler while on the court. It is a track record of unbridled judicial activism! Yet, Butler actually tries to compare his judicial philosophy with that of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia! Scalia, of course, believes in judicial restraint and in the role of legislatures – not courts – to make laws.

Others have researched and exposed the “real” Butler as well. It is clear Butler has no problem in overturning laws enacted by the state legislature which reflect the will of the people. Doesn’t sound very Scalia-like, does it?

Oh, and Butler is pro-abortion too!

All of this has me worried … worried about the damage pro-abortion Butler could do to Wisconsin’s right-to-life laws. Laws like requiring parental consent prior to a minor’s abortion, protecting unborn babies when Roe v. Wade is overturned, protecting tax-payers from paying for abortions, and lots of others.

Thank God there is a great alternative to pro-abortion Butler in Judge Michael Gableman. Judge Gableman has been enthusiastically endorsed by our PAC, the Wisconsin Right to Life Political Action Committee. Judge Gableman’s judicial philosophy is one that actually respects the rightful role of the legislature in enacting laws. And he strongly believes the role of the judiciary should be limited to interpreting laws. Now, that’s Scalia-like!

Michael Gableman’s judicial philosophy is one that bodes well for the right-to-life movement. Butler? A disaster in waiting!


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