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Patients Treated with Adult Stem Cells Tell It Like It Is

One of the major problems the right-to-life movement has is that many of the vulnerable we defend – most notably unborn children – cannot speak for themselves. Several exciting developments have accurred recently regarding the use of adult stem cells – the most important being patients who were treated with them can tell the tale of their improvement.

The Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. held a press briefing on March 13 featuring three patients treated with blood or bone marrow derived stem cells taken from their own bodies. No one had to die to retrieve these cells. Their testimony can be seen below or viewed at YouTube.

The three patients were successfully treated for Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that affects connective tissue in the body, and for a lupus-like disorder. The youtube video is visual proof of the effectiveness of moral and ethical stem cell treatment. The patients’ full testimony can be found here.

Also at the briefing was Dr. Richard Burt who published an article in the February 27, 2008 Journal of the American medical Association (JAMA). The article, entitled “Clinical Applications of Blood-Derived and Marrow-Derived Stem Cells for Nonmalignant Diseases” examined hundreds of studies over a 10 year period and concluded that blood or bone marrow derived stem cells are successful and safe for treating heart disease and autoimmuine disorders. In 2007, Dr. Burt led a study that used adult stem cells to reverse Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes in patients.

Yet, the media, scientists, and certain celebrities continue the drum beat for embryonic stem cells where embryos die, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent, and no one has been helped. It is our job to pound the public with the right information so that one day, these elites will see the error of their ways.


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