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Boyle’s Retirement Doesn’t Mean End to Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia Debate

Today, Assembly Rep. Frank Boyle (D-Superior) announced his retirement from public office. In almost every legislative session since he was elected to the Assembly twenty-two years ago, Boyle has introduced legislation that would legalize the killing of vulnerable patients by allowing their physicians to prescribe lethal doses of drugs so the patients can kill themselves. Wisconsin Right to Life has gone head-to-head with Boyle and his allies over this issue every time. Thus far, no legislation to legalize physician-assisted suicide has advanced beyond the public hearing stage.

Boyle’s retirement does not mean an end to the debate on assisted suicide at the state capitol. Far from it! There will always be someone who will take up the banner for the so-called “death with dignity” movement and that means we must remain vigilant. The pro-euthanasia/assisted suicide crowd is not going to give up!

To provide a worldwide resource on the topics of assisted suicide and euthanasia, Wisconsin Right to Life and Christian Life Resources founded the “Nightingale Alliance.” We encourage you to visit the highly-acclaimed Nightingale Alliance website to keep up to speed on what is happening on these issues throughout the nation and the world.


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