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Planned Parenthood Continues to be Enemy #1

When writing about Planned Parenthood, it’s hard to know where to begin. This mega-corporation is an incredible blight on our nation — and yet it receives enough public and private dollars to make it a $1 billion corporation nationally. That’s right — $1 billion.

The part about PP that makes me the angriest is that it continues to be the top abortion provider in the nation — while speaking outside of the other part of its corporate mouth that it is the major contributor to reducing the number of abortions. Sadly, some people actually buy this doublespeak.

In its most recent report from 2005-2006, PP records performing (and receiving funds for) 289,750 abortions, or 25% of all U.S. abortions. As the number of abortions decline nationally, PP is bearing most of the load by increasing the number of abortions it performs by 9% in a year. Abortions provide 31% of the group’s annual income.

This self-proclaimed “all options” group provided prenatal care in that same year for just 11,058 women and did 2,413 adoption referrals.

On a brighter note things were really bad last year for Wisconsin’s PP. It had to shut down its Appleton and Milwaukee abortion clinics for seven months!!!! In keeping with its doublespeak history, PP claimed that the clinics were closing for only two months to upgrade surgery centers, paperwork, and employee training. Then, ads appeared on the PP website looking for abortionists for — guess what — the Appleton and Milwaukee abortion clinics. Logic suggests that they couldn’t find anyone to perform abortions.


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