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Abortion Legal — Not Safe

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Ad nauseum, we hear from Planned Parenthood, pro-abort legislators, candidates, and the media that abortion should be safe and legal. Well, it may be legal, but don’t tell Eileen Smith it is safe. This Massachusetts mother is in utter despair over the death of her 22-year-old daughter, Laura, from a botched abortion. Laura died at the hands of Rapin Osathanondh in September of 2007 at his abortion clinic. Osathanondh has given up his medical license, and is facing a wrongful death lawsuit and possible criminal charges.

Imagine that abortion was not legal and Laura died from a so-called back-alley abortion. It would be front page news and the lead story on network/cable television news for days on end. It would be drummed into the minds of the public that Laura would be alive if abortion were legal. Of course, there would be no mention of her child who also died.

How many of you have heard of Laura Smith? Silence from the media on this tragic death which must be buried so that people will not know that women do indeed die from legal abortion.

Eileen Smith is calling for Massachusetts to pass a right-to-know law to give women more information prior to an abortion. Massachusetts legislators have rejected this type of legislation several times. Keeping women in the dark is their priority.

And I am really nauseated at this cavalier attitude which destroys women, physically and emotionally, to preserve the “right” for them to kill their own children.


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