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Pointers for Life Cross Display Vandalized

Pointers for Life is a right-to-life group at UW-Stevens Point whose leader is funded by Wisconsin Right to Life. In what they deemed a moving visual demonstration of abortion in America, Pointers set up a Cemetery of Innocents display on campus consisting of 4,000 crosses to depict the number of human lives lost each day to abortion. Great educational project for their peers — right?

Overnight, the display was vandalized with crosses slashed and broken. As several Pointers’ members were repairing the display, a group of displeased students, led by student Senator Roderick King, began to yell at them and debate with them. They demanded to know who authorized the cross project.

Not satisfied with answers, this group of rowdies began pulling hundreds of crosses from the ground and tossing them away. Pointers then called Protective Services, knowing their project had been properly approved.

King claimed that Pointers for Life had “no right” to display and that it was “his duty as a paying student” to take it down. “The freedom of speech does not cover these signs and symbols,” he claimed. When Protective Services stepped in, King’s groupies stopped, but King continued until the threat of having to pay for the vandalism reached his brain.

Then the media showed up to listen to and dutifully report King’s rants. More of King’s groupies appeared to buttress his outrageous claims.

Eventually, the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs showed up and restored order. Pointers for Life submitted a complaint to the student association, asking that King resign or be disciplined.

So, what caused such intolerance and disrespect, resulting in an emotionally violent reaction from King? It’s hard to understand why a group of white crosses would trigger such an extreme response. Do you think he has been touched by abortion in some way?


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