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Moral of the Story at UW-Stevens Point: Vandalize and Get Re-Appointed as Student Leader

Vandalize and get re-appointed to the student senate. That is the new operating mode at UW-Stevens Point. Oh, I almost forgot. It only works if you vandalize right-to-life displays.

Last week, this blog had video of student senator Roderick King vandalizing a beautiful cross display erected with permission at UW-Stevens Point by Pointers for Life, a group whose leader is funded by Wisconsin Right to Life. Pointers asked for disciplinary action against King. While university officials state that King is no longer a member of the student senate, a member of that body says King was unanimously re-appointed for the next year.

Pointers for Life plans to continue to push for disciplinary action in this case but will have to wait until the next school year.

Want to add your voice to this intolerant infringement on speech rights? You can contact Linda Bunnell, Chancellor of Student Affairs at


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