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Oregon Expected to Record Higher Assisted Suicide Deaths

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The nation’s leading pro-euthanasia group, Compassion and Choices, is projecting that Oregon will report a record-high 55 assisted suicide deaths for 2008. The previous high was 47 deaths in 2007. It is also apparent from Oregon reports that few, if any, patients are receiving a psychological evaluation or treatment for depression which would eliminate their desire for suicide. In 2007, there was not one single referral for evaluation.

This information is of critical importance to officials in Washington State as they draft regulations to implement the legalization of assisted suicide there. The Washington law will go into effect on March 5.

The Washington Coalition Against Assisted Suicide is building assisted suicide free zones, enlisting doctors and hospitals to pledge not to participate. Residents are on full alert to question their own medical care providers as to whether they will be involved in assisting suicides.

Proponents of assisted suicide are adamantly opposed to granting conscience rights to medical professionals and facilities. They cite the tired argument that a small town may only have a Catholic hospital, thereby depriving people in that community of the right to assisted suicide. Some Washington newspapers have swallowed this familiar old excuse.

In Wisconsin, we are preparing for Senator Risser to drag out his bill to legalize assisted suicide here. We are ready and waiting to defeat this attempt once again.

Barbara Lyons

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