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Roman Catholic Bishops Prepared to Defy FOCA If it Becomes Law

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Hooray for the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops! Not only are they mobilizing Catholic churches in opposition to the unconscionable FOCA, but they are prepared to defy it should it become law.

Under FOCA, all state and federal right to life laws and regulations would be wiped away. Among those provisions that could be overturned under FOCA would be protections for hospitals and medical professionals from being forced to perform or participate in abortions. Catholic officials had previously said that Catholic hospitals would be forced to close if FOCA became law because they would not participate in abortion-related activities that violate their consciences. But now, it appears they are willing to defy FOCA should it become law.

In a Catholic News Service interview with Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg, Bishop Lynch said that rather than close, Catholic hospitals would defy FOCA! He said, “Catholic hospitals will not allow abortions to be performed in their facilities” and they will not comply with forced abortion laws “even if our actions constitute civil disobedience.”

He went on to say, “No Catholic institution or employee of an institution can or will be made to violate the dictates of their conscience resulting from federal or state legislative action.” He went on to say “we will not close” either because Catholic hospitals have an obligation to serve patients for non-abortion activities.

Imagine news reports of doctors and nurses being hauled away in handcuffs because they refused to participate in the taking of human life! What a public relations disaster that would be for the radically pro-abortion Obama Administration! The bishops are highly principled, indeed … and they are very smart!

Sue Armacost

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