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Abortion Photos Featured in New York Times

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In spite of the horrendous news about abortion and rationing in health care reform, there is some very good news developing on attitude shifts on abortion and reduction in abortion numbers on which I will report next week.

But first, a piece of this good news comes from, of all places, the New York Times! One could legitimately claim that for oh so many years, the Times has been the mouthpiece of the pro-abortion movement. They speak — the Times repeats. Imagine our surprise when reporter Damien Cave wrote a story on abortion appearing in the October 10 edition, complete with a photo montage online showing pictures of aborted babies.

Cave covered the recent funeral of Michigan pro-life activist Jim Pouillon who was killed while holding a pro-life sign. Cave conversed with Monica Miller who has an extensive group of photos of bodies of aborted babies taken from a dumpster in April of 2008. Cave used the photos as the basis of his story. This is “nearly unprecedented in 37 years of legalized abortion,” said Miller.

There are many ways to change hearts and minds and this story will strike a chord for the uninformed who get most of their news from sources like the New York Times. Kudos to Cave and Miller for this important story as we educate a nation to respect the lives of unborn babies.

The pictures and article can be viewed here.

Barbara Lyons

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