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Harkin: Obamacare a Done Deal Before Brown Election

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Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) now confirms that a compromise had been reached on the differing Senate and House versions of Obamacare on January 15, four days before the revolutionary Massachusetts election of Scott Brown. The goal, as everyone knew, was to pass the bill before the President’s State of the Union Address, giving him the achievement of his prize piece of legislation.

Harkin told The Hill: “we had an agreement with the House, the White House and the Senate. We sent it to [the Congressional Budget Office] to get scored and then Tuesday happened and we didn’t get it back.” That’s how close we were to passage of this massive pro-abortion, health care rationing bill.

Pundits are now all over the place as to where Obamacare stands. Most are declaring it dead. But the congressional leadership is not about to give up that easily. They intend to use the reconciliation process, denying the Senate the ability to filibuster, to deliver their Obamacare compromise as a package of smaller bills. We must remain vigilant for the next chapter of Obamacare.

Barbara Lyons

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