Woman Busted for Selling Suicide Kits

She’s 91-years-old and lives in southern California. She sells helium hood suicide kits, no questions asked, by taking mail and telephone orders. For a mere $60, you can receive a suicide kit in the mail which consists of a plastic bag and clear tubing.

Sharlotte Hydorn, owner and founder of The GLADD Group, had been selling her kits under the radar, until a 29-year-old healthy Eugene, Oregon man bought one of her kits and killed himself. Everyone was shocked. So shocked that the Oregon legislature (where doctor-prescribed death is legal) is working to pass a law outlawing sale or transfer of suicide kits. Federal agents raided Hydorn’s home, confiscating her computers, sewing machine and already-made suicide kits. They intercepted her kits already in the mail.

Hydorn claims her motive is to help people in pain. She has connections with the Final Exit Network (FEN) which is under investigation in several states for illegally assisting with suicides. FEN also puts up billboards which observers interpret as glorifying death.

Hydorn is being accused of mail fraud according to the warrant allowing search and seizure in her home. She is shaken that her home was raided. Her shock should be minor compared to ours that such an operation could take place in the first place.

Barbara Lyons

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