14 U.S. Women Die From Abortion Drug RU 486

An FDA report quietly released in April of 2011 indicates that 14 U.S. women have died after taking the abortion drug, RU 486, and over 2,200 were injured. (N.B. RU 486 is an abortion drug given to a woman diagnosed as pregnant who seeks an abortion between five and nine weeks of pregnancy. This is a different drug than the morning after pill.)

This news is astonishing and incredibly harmful to women! Why didn’t it receive front page coverage all over the country?

RU 486 is the drug that Planned Parenthood (PP) wants to administer via web cam nationwide, where the woman is not even physically examined in person but just talked to over a web cam. PP pioneered this “procedure” with over 2,000 women in Iowa. Just think, an abortionist in Los Angeles could be talking to a woman in Wild Rose, Wisconsin for her abortion.

This news is especially alarming in Wisconsin as RU 486 abortions increased from 19% of all Wisconsin abortions in 2008 to 27% in 2009.

Wisconsin Right to Life has made it a top priority to prohibit web cam abortions in Wisconsin. We are working with Senator Mary Lazich and Rep. Michelle Litjens on the Woman’s Protection Act which contains such a provision. Watch for introduction of this important bill in the near future.

Read the FDA report here.

Barbara Lyons

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