Green Bay Abortion Facility to Close August 1

The Ob-Gyn Associates Clinic, a facility that has performed abortions for many years in Green Bay, has been sold to Bellin Health Systems effective August 1.

Current Ob-Gyn Associates owner, Dr. Robert DeMott said he will become an employee of Bellin and as a condition of employment, may not provide abortion services to any patient.

It is extremely gratifying to hear that Bellin Health Services will not be performing abortions when they assume ownership of OB-Gyn Associates. Whether Bellin made a purely business decision or one based on an objection to abortion, it is clear that most health care providers do not want to be tainted with the title, “abortion provider”. Regardless of where individual health care professionals may personally stand on the legality of abortion, the overwhelming majority of them do not want to be associated with the taking of human life for profit.

Sue Armacost

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