Wisconsin Right to Life Lauds 4.4% Wisconsin Abortion Decrease in 2012

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services released its 2012 Induced Abortion Report late yesterday. The 4.4% decrease in Wisconsin abortions in 2012 is fantastic news for babies and their mothers who choose life for them.

Wisconsin abortions have decreased 68% from their all-time high in 1980 and 60% since Wisconsin began requiring abortion reporting in 1987. Abortions dipped from 7,249 in 2011 to 6,927 in 2012, accounting for the 4.4% decrease.

Wisconsin Right to Life implements a bold, expansive strategy each year to educate young people, women most likely to have an abortion, and the general public about the value of life; to refer women to resources to help carry their babies to term; and to provide leadership for sweeping public policy reforms which protect women, unborn children, families and taxpayers. The vision of these strategies makes Wisconsin a national model for abortion decrease. It is a gratifying fulfillment of our mission for Wisconsin Right to Life to lead combined efforts which result in life for vulnerable babies and spare their mothers a lifetime of emotional pain.

Tonight, 322 babies whose lives were spared from abortion in 2012 will sleep comfortably in their beds, bringing joy and hope to their families. Today and every day are good days for these precious children who will have the future they deserve.

Barbara Lyons

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