Saint Jude Hospice – Valuing the Sacredness of Life

Saint Jude Hospice values and upholds the sacredness of human life. We are a Catholic hospice serving terminally ill patients in your community. Our mission is to provide Radical Loving Care to bring healing to those when their hope has changed from a cure to comfort. We do this by offering comprehensive hospice services including medical care, homemaker services, emotional and spiritual support, respite services, medication management, music therapy, bereavement care, and volunteer services. Saint Jude Hospice is an organization inspired by the words of Jesus Christ: “Love one another as I have loved you.” Strengthened by our values and led by our Servant Hearts, we deliver the highest quality of care and always adhere to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.

Saint Jude Hospice has been operating in Wisconsin since July of 2010, when it first opened its doors in Madison. Today it provides comprehensive hospice services in the state from five locations: Madison, Baraboo, Delavan, La Crosse, and Platteville serving 26 counties in Wisconsin. It also has offices in Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. Through our “Radical, Loving Care” philosophy, we are “givers of joy” and “generous and kind.” In fact, these qualities are represented in our core values: Outstanding Customer Service; Integrity in our Activities; Nothing is Impossible with God; Kindness in our Relationships; and Excellence in Everything.

CEO Tom Moreland has always felt a strong calling to serve people and to also serve the church, which is what ultimately lead him to open a Catholic hospice inspired by Jesus’s words: Love one another, as I have loved you. Moreland explains, “A caring community devotes more attention, not less, to members facing difficult times in their life. Our hospice program helps do this.” Saint Jude Hospice is endorsed by 9 Archbishops and Bishops in the Midwest. Beyond complying with state and federal regulations, it also follows the Ethical and Religious Directives of Catholic Healthcare Services.

Beyond patient care, there is an integral commitment of our organization to uphold the values of human life and dignity for all persons, at all ages. This is why we are a supporter of other organizations, such as Wisconsin Right to Life, which shares our passion for protecting human life. We recognize that each life is a gift and hope that no life or death is hastened by choices, means and technology that may be available to us.

More information can be found at or by calling on of our local WI offices. Madison: 608.819.6655, Baraboo: 608.448.4200, Delavan: 262.725.7021, La Crosse: 608.781.5490, Platteville: 608.348.2778.

God bless you!

Katherine M. Ginkel, MA, CPG

Director of Mission, Ethics, & Community Benefit – Saint Jude Hospice

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