State by State Update on Doctor-Prescribed Suicide

Compassion and Choices, the nation’s foremost proponent of euthanasia and doctor-prescribed suicide, has been active in many states already in 2014.  Here is a state by state update:


The New Hampshire House defeated HB 1325, a measure to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide, by a 219-66 vote.  A broad coalition of groups coalesced to oppose the measure and was successful in educating legislators on the dangers of this measure.  A fantastic victory!


Legislation is being reintroduced to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide. 


HB 5326 was introduced to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide and a public hearing on the measure will be held on Monday, March 17. 


Legislation to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide recently had a public hearing.  Massachusetts voters rejected legalization by voting against a referendum question in November of 2012.  



Montanans Against Assisted Suicide recently lost its case against the Montana Medical Examiner Board and has appealed to the Montana Supreme Court.


A State Senator is drafting legislation to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide.  A coalition is being formed to oppose the measure.


A bill to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide, A 2270, was recently introduced.  This bill adds a new provision which allows other individuals to assist a person’s suicide.  An example would be someone actually giving the lethal drugs to a person who doesn’t have the physical ability to take them.  A broad coalition is organized in opposition and Governor Christie has publicly stated that he opposes the legislation.


A New Mexico judge recently ruled that doctor-prescribed suicide is legal in that state, a move that triggered a wave of dissent.  The New Mexico Attorney General is appealing the decision.


Vermont became the third state to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide by enactment of a law last year.  The coalition which opposed the law continues its activity, most recently calling for the Governor to place a moratorium on the law based on its lack of protections for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

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