Planned Parenthood to Close Fond du Lac Clinic

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) announced today that it will close its “family planning health center in Fond du Lac on September 25.”  In its news release, PPWI cited budget cuts by the state legislature and Governor Walker as the reason for the closing.

This is a common ploy by PPWI — blame those who oppose its activity as the nation’s abortion giant.  The 2012 annual report of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which includes activities of PPWI, indicates that 95.8% of pregnant women seen by Planned Parenthood have abortions.   For pregnant women who visit the Fond du Lac clinic, the most likely outcome is referral for an abortion.  This is a huge conflict of interest, as the referral will most likely be to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic where PPWI receives payment for the abortion from the woman.

PPWI also claims that the women in Fond du Lac who use its “services” will now lose them altogether.  As has occurred in other communities, when PPWI closes its doors, those women can receive life-affirming health care services at other agencies.   PPWI is NOT the only game in town.

On behalf of women who will be better-served elsewhere, we applaud the closing of another PPWI center. 


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