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The Anniversary of the Tragic Roe v. Wade Decision

Heather Weininger, Executive DirectorIt seems like such a simple concept that we should protect life, especially at its most vulnerable stages.  Yet, as we approach the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, I find myself thinking about my unborn child and all unborn children. While I am mere days away from delivering my third daughter, the life of my child legally could be placed in jeopardy up until her birth, if I didn’t know the truth about life.

The truth is at the moment of fertilization a new life is created, a life with unique DNA. This new life will grow, have a heartbeat, and feel pain all while still in the womb.

The truth is that a mother who decides to have an abortion can suffer a lifetime of consequences. She may be unable to bear children later in life because of the physical damage done to her body by the abortion, or she may have to face the emotional consequences of learning she took part in the death of her child.

I can feel the life inside me, I can feel my daughter’s every movement. I am amazed at how 57 million lives have been lost because the unborn baby was not considered a life.

My entire life I have lived in a country where Roe v. Wade’s dire consequences have impacted not only my generation, but generations to come. And, the ones who suffer the most are the lost generations of our sons and daughters who were never given the opportunity to live.

I anticipate learning what my daughter will look like, what direction her life will take her. What I anticipate and hope for as well is that in her lifetime, the decision of Roe v. Wade will be something she reads in a history book, and that she will see how so many fought to protect innocent life.

While the truth remains on our side, I continue to shed tears for all those who have been lost to abortion. We will continue to bring life to Wisconsin by working on passing legislation to protect the unborn, educate those who think there are no alternatives, help women who find themselves in an emergency situation, and love those who have gone through the pain of abortion.


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