A healthy, 24-year-old woman to be euthanised in Belgium

The Belgian euthanasia insanity continues with the case of a 24-year-old healthy woman (Laura) who will die by euthanasia this summer for psychological reasons.

The June 19 DeMorgen article by Simone Maas explains (google translated):

She has good friends, loves good coffee and theater. And she has felt that she wanted to die ever since childhood. Laura (24): “Life, that’s not for me.” This summer, euthanasia will end her life full of inner conflict, depression and self-destruction. 

I met the West Flemish Laura at the presentation of the book ‘Libera me’ euthanasia for psychological reasons. Writer Lieve Thienpont is one of the psychiatrists who gave Laura a positive opinion for euthanasia.

Godelieva De Troyer

Euthanasia for psychological reasons is done when a psychiatrist agrees that the psychological pain that a person is experiencing cannot be relieved in a way that the individual finds acceptable.

That means, Laura may be treatable, but Laura has decided that the only acceptable “treatment” is death.

Similar to the euthanasia deaths of Godelieva De Troyer (64),a healthy Belgian woman who was living with depression orAnn G (44) who asked for euthanasia for psychological painafter being sexually exploited by her psychiatrist, who was treating her for Anorexia, Laura has been approved for lethal injection, even though she is physically healthy and only 24-years-old.

In March, the chairman of the federal euthanasia commission in Belgium admitted that 50 to 60 euthanasia deaths are done on psychiatric patients each year.

There has never been an attempted prosecution for abuse of the euthanasia law in Belgium.

Similar cases are occurring in the Netherlands, where a report indicated there were 42 euthanasia deaths for psychiatric reasons and 97 euthanasia deaths for people with dementia in 2013.

Canadians should be concerned.

On February 6, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada’s assisted suicide law. The Supreme Court decision allowed assisted dying for people who experience physical or psychological pain.

Similar to Belgium and the Netherlands, the Supreme Court indicated that assisting death for psychological reasons could be based on personal subjective reasons.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is urging the federal government to establish a committee to properly examine the issues and to use the notwithstanding clause to Give us time to legislative on assisted suicide.


Alex Schadenberg is the International Chair: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
This blog originally appeared at his blog.

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