Saddest. Birthday. Ever.

Oct. 16, 2016 marks Planned Parenthood’s 100th birthday.

WRTL’s parent organization, National Right to Life, has put together an “action packet” to help expose Planned Parenthood’s REAL work: killing unborn babies.

More than 6.7 million lives have been lost in Planned Parenthood facilities. It is imperative that we expose what Planned Parenthood really does, and what they really stand for!

Here’s what you can do throughout the month of October:

1.) Write a letter to the editor in your local newspaper. Find samples here.

2.) Share these social media images below along with the link (Find them on WRTL’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts!)

3.) Pass out this literature and ask people to sign this petition at community events, on your campus, in your churches, and to your friends.

4.) Share any of these articles online:

Saddest Birthday Ever Podcasts

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Abortion Clinic Closings in Texas – What do they really mean?

“Please do not bring children with you,” Planned Parenthood webpage advises

Please pass this “action packet” along to friends, and thank you for all you do to share the truth!

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