House Speaker Paul Ryan meets with Wisconsin Right to Life Executive Director Heather Weininger

On Wednesday, April 26, Wisconsin Right to Life Executive Director, Heather Weininger, met with Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, in his Washington, DC office.

“We are so proud of all his work to protect the unborn, both as a Congressman, representing Wisconsin’s 1st District, and now, also as the Speaker of the House,” said Weininger. “It was great spending time with Speaker Ryan discussing pro-life issues!”

“Paul Ryan is really a long-time friend of mine,” continued Weininger, “as he and my former boss were in the same freshman class. Paul’s office was across the hall from ours and we worked together on many occasions.”

“The Speaker was kind enough to post to Twitter a picture of our visit, reading, “Congress and the presidency are united in defense of the unborn. Proud to meet with fellow Wisconsinites who are too.”

We love that! Interestingly, just after the Speaker’s Twitter post, OUR Twitter nearly crashed from all the traffic! Thank you Speaker Ryan!

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