The Election in the Rear View Mirror

By Heather Weininger, Executive Director, Wisconsin Right to Life

It took me a while to digest the results of last Tuesday and compile my thoughts that I wanted to share with others.

On Tuesday, November 6th the pro-life movement was dealt a set-back, but, fortunately, it was not an end-of-the world scenario.

I have to admit, this one was quite personal to me. In 2010, my husband was elected to his first term in the Wisconsin State Assembly. It was a time when we knew there were going to be many bold changes coming our way. And, big bold changes did come to Wisconsin. Also during this time, we were able to pass even more protections for the unborn.

When I first heard that our great pro-life Governor Scott Walker was in a tight race, I thought to myself how could people of the State of Wisconsin want to return to a time of deficits while taxpayer dollars were being used to fund abortions? How could people in Wisconsin want someone in office who doesn’t protect the most vulnerable?

Well, now we are faced with a time when we will not have a Governor who will sign into law pro-life legislation, nor will we have a Lt. Governor who speaks on behalf of the unborn, or and an Attorney General who will stand up for life in the courts. Let’s be real, this is a tough realization, but one that we need to get past in order to move forward.

While we are now going to have four years of someone who does not believe in the sanctity of life, it is reassuring to know that we have the State Senate and Assembly in control of pro-life legislators. I see these coming four years as a time during which we will educate Wisconsinites on the devastation caused by abortion and the need to protect the most vulnerable at all stages of life.

Our work at Wisconsin Right to Life will not change. We will continue to introduce legislation to protect the unborn, we will continue to educate the youth in our state about life, we will continue to work to change hearts and minds to favor life.

We cannot let one election cycle hold us down for too long. There is far too much work to be done to protect unborn babies and all vulnerable individuals from the moment of conception until natural death. Stay tuned to learn the specifics of what we will be working on in 2019.

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  1. Thank you, Heather! I totally concur! Why would people vote for a pro-abortion governor?

    Looking forward to what Wisconsin Right to Life has in store,

    Gwen Finnegan

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