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We’re Hiring – Vice President of External Affairs

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Wisconsin Right to Life (WRTL) is looking to add a Vice President of External Affairs to manage the brand of Wisconsin Right to Life through the communications department and fundraising department.  This job requires a strong commitment to protecting life from the moment of conception until natural death. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in communications. They will ensure the message of Wisconsin Right to Life is focused on more than the abortion issue; it encompasses the protection of life at all stages. As pro-life advocates, we care about both the baby and the mother from conception until all needs are met, even after birth. The work we do in legislation, education, and changing hearts and minds to favor life all centers on our five-point strategy to save lives. Every life is precious and deserving of protection and respect.

A background working in both the legislative arena and communications is a strong advantage for the ideal candidate.

This position reports directly to the executive director (ED) and will work closely with the ED for messaging, management of departments, and the growth of the organization.


  1. Manage the communications director and the Vice President of Advancement and Development.


  1. Plan and coordinate (with the ED and Vice President of Advancement and Development) a weekly, monthly and yearly messaging calendar. This will include, (but not be limited to) social media posts; email messages; podcast topics; press releases; radio/tv interviews; and blog posts.
  2. Ensure Communications Director is responding as needed to topics of interest to WRTL across all mediums
  3. Coordinate 6 issues annually of print Life Voice with ED, Vice President of Advancement and Development, and other members of WRTL as needed.
  4. Coordinate 3 issues annually of Veritas INSIDER with ED, Vice President of Advancement and Development
  5. Messaging for WRTL chapters for organization-wide observances (Roe v Wade anniversary, etc.)
  6. Ads and Media for Holidays and Events (Mother’s Day, Adoption Month, etc.)
  7. Ads as needed for booklets, conferences, dinners, charity events, Catholic media, and other news publications for print
  8. Coordinate production and implementation of digital ads with outside vendors
  9. Coordinate production and implementation of digital ads for all political accounts
    1. Includes providing copy, developing theme, and working with outside resources for production.
  10. Work with ED and outside vendor on annual theme
    1. Ensure that annual theme is fully implemented across all aspects of WRTL communications, platforms and media vehicles
    2. Ensure that Education Fund Dinner production uses annual theme across all aspects: save the date cards, invitations, social media, night of event production through video and staging


  1. Establish relationships with print, radio, tv, social media influencers.
  2. Ensure WRTL is in the public eye at least monthly
  3. Build a Podcast following
  4. Establish relationships with key individuals who influence policy makers


  1. Act as Executive Producer to oversee production crew (outside vendor) at Education Fund Dinner to ensure lighting/staging/ and sound needs are met.
  2. Work with Advancement and Development department to ensure all event needs are met at venues.
  3. Work with communications director to ensure teleprompter script for events is updated.
  4. Work with communications director to ensure power point/prezi is updated for each event.
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