Planned Parenthood Opens in Waukegan, IL

Planned Parenthood recently announced that it is opening a new clinic in Waukegan, IL, close to the Wisconsin border (

At Wisconsin Right to Life, we know that the new site is a strategic and deliberate move on the part of Planned Parenthood of Illinois to attract women from other states, including Wisconsin.

The work of Wisconsin Right to Life’s Veritas Society is to work through targeted digital advertising to reach abortion-vulnerable young women with messages of hope. These women might be sitting in Planned Parenthood, like the one just over the border.

What is the goal of the Veritas Society? The Veritas Society promotes abortion alternative, life-saving resources through internet searches, and directs women to pregnancy resource centers in their area. Our goal is to ensure that a woman walks through the doors of a pregnancy resource center instead of Planned Parenthood. Our ( website allows a woman to type in her zip code and find a pregnancy resource center near her.

Our efforts now must go beyond our state border; abortion knows no borders, and our messages must be broader than ever before.

As the abortion industry continues to use the COVID-19 pandemic to profit off vulnerable women, Wisconsin Right to Life’s mission and work to defend the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves is more critical than ever.

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