Wisconsin State Senate Passes Package of Pro-Life Bills

“Yesterday, the State Senate passed the same four pro-life bills the State Assembly passed in May,” shared Heather Weininger, executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

“The great disappointment is that Governor Evers has already shared he will veto these bills.

“How can a governor who wants to support healthy moms and babies veto a bill that simply ensures babies who are born alive after a failed abortion attempt are given the same standard of care as a child born naturally? And how can a governor who claims to care about non-discrimination policies promise to veto a bill that protects babies who may be valued less because of their gender, race, or level of ability? And if he was truly pro-women, as he claims to be, why would he veto a bill that ensures women are equipped with life-saving information and fail to support a bill that would give more funding to women’s healthcare facilities?

“We thank the members of the Senate who supported all of these bills and look forward to ensuring Governor Evers hears from his constituents. We know that having the best state means we protect both born and unborn babies and empower women with information.” 

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