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It’s Game Day and the Packers Defense Isn’t Good Enough

Last week, it was discovered that the Green Bay Packers Foundation gave a grant to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. Although the Foundation quickly gave a statement explaining the grant and its purpose, Wisconsin Right to Life shares in the disappointment of Wisconsinites everywhere that the Foundation would feel comfortable giving any money to a pro-abortion organization.

“Wisconsin Right to Life is as disappointed as anyone in the Packer Foundation’s decision to give a grant to a Planned Parenthood program in Milwaukee,” shares Heather Weininger, executive director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

“As soon as the grant award was announced, Wisconsin Right to Life’s Board of Directors took action in writing a letter to the Packers Foundation Board and the Packers Board. The disappointment and concern of giving money to an organization whose business plans include taking the life of an unborn child were shared.

“The Packers Foundation’s response to the public outcries indicate the funds do not imply endorsement of Planned Parenthood, and are for a specific program. This response only illustrates our frustration that Planned Parenthood is not honest about the work they do. Grants like this free up other money to take innocent human life, which we work to protect each day.

“The Wisconsin Right to Life Board of Directors and staff will continue to work on educating the Packers Foundation and their members on what gifts like this mean to the unborn in our state.

“Our job is to expose the truth of what Planned Parenthood does on a daily basis: they kill those who have no voice. The Packers Foundation members were either uneducated about Planned Parenthood’s business model or complacent in taking the lives of unborn children. We cannot excuse this.”

Wisconsin Right to Life and its Board of Directors await a response and will continue to take actions as necessary to ensure that all Wisconsinites are aware of Planned Parenthood’s business model.

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