President Trump Shares Life-Affirming Remarks during 2020 State of the Union Address

Last evening, President Trump delivered the annual State of the Union address to our lawmakers.

One of the President’s special guests for the event was Ellie Schneider, a healthy 2-year-old who weighed less than a pound when she was born in 2017. He used this moment to announce his $50 million expansion of funding for neonatal research.

“President Trump signaled that he is truly pro-life. Neonatal research and funding is so important to our movement. As we advance science and technology, we discover more and more evidence that life begins at conception and deserves protection at all gestational ages,” shares Kristen Nupson, legislative director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

Ellie’s story and presence indicated more than support for neonatal and preemie care, though. Ellie was a tangible representation of the fact that late term abortion is never necessary. Born at just 21 weeks, Ellie could have legally been aborted in some states. As medical technology advances, the age of viability outside the womb continually decreases.

“We are thankful that President Trump announced his support of banning late-term abortions nationwide,” said Nupson. “There is never a reason to abort a child, especially after they can survive outside the womb.

“Ellie’s precious life demonstrates that all babies have a right to life. Thank you, President Trump, for speaking so boldly on the issue of abortion. We are deeply thankful for your voice.”

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