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Wisconsin Right to Life Demands an Explanation from Gov. Evers for Illegal Planned Parenthood Grants

Wisconsin Right to Life has partnered with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL), Wisconsin Family Action, and Pro-Life Wisconsin to demand an explanation from Governor Tony Evers regarding his illegal grants to Planned Parenthood. In 2020 and 2021, the state of Wisconsin received nearly $4.5 million through federal COVID-19 relief grants. Through newly created grant programs that are not authorized by state law, Governor Evers’ Department of Administration relegated $2.4 million of these funds to Planned Parenthood affiliates throughout the state of Wisconsin.

In a press release and corresponding letter to Governor Evers, WILL stated: “Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin received $1.4 million from the “COVID-19 Pandemic Response Nonprofit Grant Program” and $1 million in February 2022 from the “Equitable Recovery Grant Program.” The grants to Planned Parenthood in 2020 and 2022 reveal more legal problems than those outlined by the failure to follow state law on rulemaking.”

WILL continued, “Criteria established by the Wisconsin Department of Administration for applicants to the Nonprofit Grant Program bar entities that ‘have received funding from another CARES Act program.’ Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin received CARES Act funds from the Paycheck Protection Program – violating the terms of the Wisconsin DOA grant.”

Wisconsin Right to Life legislative director, Gracie Skogman added: “Wisconsin Right to Life is deeply concerned that these grants are unlawful and created without statutory authority. This is a grave injustice to preborn children and a violation of our state laws. We, along with these other life-affirming organizations, demand to know what authority Governor Evers believes he has to create illegal grant programs that take COVID-19 relief funds away from his constituents to fund Wisconsin’s largest abortion provider.”


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Media Contact: Gracie Skogman

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