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The Heal Without Harm Coalition Responds to Assembly Bill 975

Today, Assembly Bill 975 was released, relating to: prohibiting abortion if the probable postfertilization age of an unborn child is 14 or more weeks and requiring a referendum.

The Heal Without Harm (HWH) Coalition opposes the introduction of an abortion referendum during a time when the current state statute continues to proceed through the court system. The HWH Coalition will continue to defend s.940.04, a lifesaving law which saved over 1,500 lives since the overturning of Roe v. Wade. We ask the legislature to address s.940.04 following the court challenges.

For over 352 days, we were successful in saving lives in Wisconsin. Now abortion has returned, and we need to work harder than before to change the culture in Wisconsin to understand the humanity of our unborn children. This issue is not something that can be addressed in one legislative session. It will continue to be a conversation in our culture until we change hearts and minds to favor life. The pro-abortion industry will fight every day to expand abortion up until the moment of birth across this country, including here in Wisconsin.

Every day there are women in Wisconsin facing unplanned pregnancies. It’s our job as pro-life organizations to ensure they know there are resources available to them to help them through this difficult time. These services extend beyond birth, and often walk with families for years after birth.

The Heal Without Harm Coalition will continue to work to address the real-life situations of those who encounter challenges in pregnancy. We will continue to educate the people of Wisconsin about the alternatives to abortion and we call on the legislature to work with us on accomplishing these goals.


Media Contacts:
Wisconsin Right to Life: Gracie Skogman,; (414) 308-1054
Wisconsin Family Action: Jack Hoogendyk,; (608) 268-5074
Pro-Life Wisconsin: Matt Sande,; (262) 352-0890
Wisconsin Catholic Conference: Tia Izzia,; (608) 673-4106

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