2019 Wisconsin Right to Life Accomplishments

Wisconsin Abortion Numbers

• The number of Wisconsin lives saved, cumulatively, from abortion since 1987 is over 191,360.

• Abortions in Wisconsin increased in Wisconsin in 2018 by 406 abortions. (most recent data)

• Wisconsin’s abortion ratio, only 9.0 abortions for every 100 births, is less than half the national average! The national abortion ratio is 18.8 abortions for every 100 live births. (most recent data)

Teen & College Outreach

• Educated and trained 51 teens and college students at fall WRTL State Conference and 30 teen leaders at week-long summer Life Camp

• Awarded 16 grants to college students to start or continue Life on Campus groups at their colleges and universities

Educational Activities

• Awarded 20 Emergency Grants ($12,550 total) to pregnant women in immediate financial crisis so they could choose life for their babies

• Continue to run a year-round digital ad program to reach abortion vulnerable women where they are, on their mobile phones and desktop

• Reached women at abortion clinics using geofencing technology

• Using advanced technology, are reaching women on a growing number of college campuses with targeted pro-life messages for up to four weeks

• Experiencing success with new technology – the “click-through” rate (the number of women who click on our ads for more information) is 33-36
percent higher than the national average

Election & Voter Education

• Educated voters on the importance of voting pro-life in the WI State Supreme Court election and three special elections.

• Achieved over 136,000 voter contacts via targeted social media ads exposing Tammy Baldwin’s awful record on life.

• Updated our endorsement policies to raise candidates to a higher standard when it comes to being pro-life in both word and deed. WRTL’s endorsements are now the gold standard in measuring a candidate’s character, campaign viability, and most importantly, his or her dedication to the pro-life cause, even when facing pressure from leadership.


• Championed passage of four life-affirming bills in the Sate Assembly and Senate

• Organized the Pro-Women + Pro-Babies = Pro-Life Rally, where hundreds of pro-lifers came to support legislative measures to protect life

• Hosted abortion survivors Melissa Ohden and Claire Culwell to share their stories with legislators and constituents


• Met with Attorney General Josh Kaul and leading right-to-life lawyer Jim Bopp regarding Planned Parenthood’s active lawsuit
• Provided recommendations to legislators for right-to-life legal experts
• Worked with Senate and Assembly leadership to seek intervention in Planned Parenthood lawsuit

Social Networking

• Posted compelling and educational updates for our followers on social media, including 12,476 Facebook friends, 4,051 Twitter followers, and 1,300 Instagram followers

• Attracted over 235,000 visitors to the new Wisconsin Right to Life website, WisconsinRightToLife.org

Websites / Emails

• Attracted tens of thousands of teens to the right-to-life website at www.TeenBreaks.com

• Helped 27,041 Wisconsin women find a pregnancy resource center close to them through 123GiveLife.com

• Over 620,000 people took action based on our Veritas Society Google Ads

• Published numerous blog posts at WisconsinRightToLife.org/blog

• E-mailed tens of thousands LifeVoice Online newsletters weekly

• E-mailed over five million informational pieces.

Chapter & Region Activities

• Sponsored the WRTL State Conference, as well as regional meetings

• Funded newspaper advertisements around the state

• Sponsored two buses to the Chicago March for Life; sent two buses to the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

• Held local L!fe Chats and Breakfast with Santa events to increase awareness of WRTL’s work and membership in local chapters

• Sponsored premieres and showings of the hit pro-life movie Unplanned in local theaters

• Helped support pregnancy resource centers in local communities.


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