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Our mission is to make euthanasia, infanticide, abortion and destruction of human embryos socially, ethically and legally
unacceptable solutions to human problems and to promote positive alternatives to each of these acts.

What We Do

  • Construct on-campus displays like the Cemetery of the Innocents, symbolizing the more than 50 million babies lost to abortion since the tragic 1973 Roe v. Wade decision by the United States Supreme Court.
  • Host nationally known speakers who bring their passion for life and powerful stories to our campuses.
  • Hand out pamphlets with convincing, factual information on right-to-life issues.
  • Sponsor and/or participate in campus debates on right-to-life issues.
  • Help students who are pregnant to be aware of their options and encourage them to make life-affirming decisions.
  • Work to inform and educate the student body about current legislative issues.


You could earn a $1,500 student grant by organizing projects and events that raise right-to-Life issue awareness on your university or college campus.

Wisconsin Colleges that have received grants and/or receive our support:

UW – Green Bay / Facebook

UW – Superior

UW – Eau Claire / Facebook

UW – La Crosse / Facebook 

Ripon College

UW – Richland

UW – Stevens Point / Facebook

St. Norbert College / Facebook

UW Medical College

Wisconsin Lutheran College 

Marquette University

UW – Stout – Menomonee

UW – Madison / Facebook

Concordia College / Facebook

Lawrence University

UW – Platteville

To contact any of these chapters or to create one on your campus, send an email to Doreen Shirek or call (608) 547-4331.


Calling all pro-life college students!
Do you want to become an invaluable part of WI’s right-to-life movement? Join our internship program! 

Available: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Hours: Varied, minimum of 10 hours per week

Description: Wisconsin Right to Life is Wisconsin’s oldest and largest pro-life organization that works to ensure life is protected from the moment of fertilization to natural death. Interns quickly become invaluable assets to our legislative, communications, and development departments, assisting with day-to-day operations and projects as well as a self-designed internship project that will be presented to Wisconsin Right to Life leadership at the end of the internship experience.  Through working closely with our department leaders, interns will learn the basics of how a non-profit operates, the history and strategy of the pro-life movement, and the skills to be an effective advocate for the right to life in their communities.

Why Wisconsin Right to Life?

  • Interns have the opportunity to participate in Wisconsin Right to Life’s many events throughout the year, such as Education Fund Dinner, State Conference, Legislative Conference, Veritas Events, etc. These events attract high-profile speakers and are an excellent source of education and inspiration for all who attend.
  • If you choose to intern at Wisconsin Right to Life’s state office rather than remotely, our office is conveniently located near many Milwaukee area attractions, such as Miller Park, the County Zoo, Summerfest, the State Fair, and many other historical landmarks and entertainment events.
  • We offer 2-3 free instructional courses on the basics of right to life issues, but upon request we can also provide more in-depth courses based upon your interests. (ex: If you enjoyed our Euthanasia 101 course, we can offer a 202 course)
  • There is a great need for innovators not only in our organization, but in right to life movement all around the country. We regularly hear about pro-life leadership openings in national and state right to life organizations that need filling, so our goal with our internship program is to develop leaders that understand what it takes to fully manage a right to life organization as a part of the next generation of effective and successful pro-life leaders.

Requirements: Interns must have a full commitment to Wisconsin Right to Life’s principles, demonstrate an ability to take on challenges, and must have a knowledge of social media and Microsoft Office software. Internships can either be done remotely or in Wisconsin Right to Life’s Milwaukee office. Any student with a strong interest in right to life work may apply regardless of major (example majors: Communications, Graphic Design, Pre-Law, Business, or Pre-Med majors, etc).

Interested? Contact Chelsea Shields at cshields@wrtl.org, or 414-778-5780. Chelsea is WRTL’s Legislative/PAC Director, and also a former instructor for the National Right to Life Academy, an intensive summer-long course on right-to-life advocacy for college students. Chelsea will have daily availability to supervise and counsel interns as they coordinate with other WRTL leaders, and as they develop their internship project and experience.

The following is needed to apply:

1.) Your resume and references

2.) A one-page statement of your pro-life beliefs

3.) Info on what time you’d like to do your internship experience (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) and what your areas of interest are in the right-to-life movement.

Do you qualify for a Great Lakes or a WAICU grant, or are you seeking college credit? Please let Chelsea know so we can coordinate with your school ASAP.

Note: WRTL’s internships are unpaid, unless you qualify for a grant through your school. We highly recommend pursuing college credit if possible. Housing and transportation are your responsibility. Start and end dates are flexible, depending on the beginning/end of your semesters.

Join Us at Our Life On Campus Training Event!

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