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Are you having second thoughts about keeping the pregnancy? You are not alone. You can handle this. Take time out and listen to yourself. Take control. Talk to some women who can help. They know how to listen and won’t judge you or force you to do anything. When you call, you can remain anonymous and there is no obligation.

Where to find help: can help you find a pregnancy help center in a Wisconsin city near you. Some centers offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD testing, post-birth help, and more! Check the websites of your preferred centers for more information.

To get help by phone:

Call toll free, 1-800-712-HELP
or, text the word “HELPLINE” to 313131

To get help anywhere in the U.S., visit OptionLine.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Potential Pregnancy Issues

…Women, especially younger women, are hit hardest by chlamydia. The long-term consequences of untreated disease are much more severe for women. The chlamydia case rate per 100,000 population for females in 2005 was more than three times higher than for males.

Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that can easily be cured with antibiotics, but it is usually asymptomatic and often undiagnosed. Untreated, it can cause severe health consequences for women, including pelvic inflammatory disease [PID], ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Up to 40% of females with untreated chlamydia infections develop PID, and up to 20% of those may become infertile…

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