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Pastor’s Message Preparation on Life Issues

The sample sermons and homilies shown below were offered to us by their authors as a helpful, free resource to pastors preparing messages on life issues.

Life is Precious

Rev. Steve Bond
Non-denominational, evangelical
Abortion, Post-Abortion, Prevention

“If you’re woman, you may have had an abortion in the past. Or if you’re a man, you may have encouraged someone to have one. Maybe even paid for it. In either case, you may be sitting there now feeling guilty for it and the last thing I want to do is heap more guilt on you. I want to be very clear this morning: the blood of Christ covers all our sin. The Bible declares if we repent and ask forgiveness, God forgives our sin. All sin. Including abortion. No ifs, ands or buts. 100% guaranteed.”

How to Preach About Abortion

Fr. Frank Pavone
Roman Catholic
Abortion Homiletics, Approaches, Suggestions

“People need to know that to oppose abortion does not mean to oppose those who have them. An aspect of the pro-woman theme of our pro-life preaching is the healing and forgiveness the Church and the pro-life movement offer to those who have been involved in abortion. In most of my homilies, I mention the real case of a woman who had 24 abortions, and proclaim that even for her, the doors of the Church are open!”

Societal Issues through Scripture’s Eyes: Abortion

Rev. Aaron Soto
Four irrefutable facts regarding life: God Loves Human Life; An unborn child is in a divine process with God; Every unborn child is known by God; and, God does not place a different value on life because it happens to be in a womb.

“God is the Creator of life. For this reason, a human life is precious to Him. Whether it is a baby in the mother’s womb, a child, a youth, an adult or an elderly person, God values us all at whatever stage or state of life we happen to be in. The weight of Scripture also informs us that unlike animal life, which God put under humankind’s dominion, humanity is subject to God Himself. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 11:3 that that head of every man is Christ.”

The Sanctity of Life

Rev. Joel Gerlach
WELS – Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Why human life is sacred, the effects of abortion

“Abortion shows absolutely no regard whatsoever for the sanctity of human life. The issue the Court raised in 1973 was expressed by Justice Blackman in these words: “The word person in the Constitution does not include the unborn.” But for a Christian that is not the issue. For us the point is that all life conceived in the womb is human life. And human life is sacred. God does not give us the option to stop what he starts regardless of whether of not we call it a person.”

Preaching and Teaching the Truth About Abortion

Rev. Ben Sheldon
Abortion Homiletics, Approaches, Managing Objections

“The most telling argument of all, I believe, is the theological foundation for the sacred value of all human life (especially the doctrines of Creation and Redemption), the clear teaching of the Bible regarding the personhood of the unborn (e.g., Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139:13-16, and Luke 1:39-45), and the sheer logic of respecting the right to life of every creature of God. And it has never hurt the case for life to point out that the Declaration of Independence certainly affirms that life is one of the inalienable rights with which our Creator has endowed us. I have found that my critics have no answer to these arguments.”

The Bible Speaks Loudly About Abortion

Rev. Don Nelson
Non-denominational, evangelical
The Seven Christian Principles that Abortion Violates; Why we Need to Speak about Abortion, Common Objections, A Call to Action.

“Common objection: “Isn’t this forcing my morality upon others? Morality is private. Isn’t it wrong for me to try to force my opinions on others?” All laws have a moral basis. Name one that doesn’t. What law or regulation is not based on some person’s or group of persons conception of right and wrong? Since all law is legislated morality, why should abortion be an exception? Are you prepared to say that Wilberforce, Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and the abolitionists had no right to force their opinions about slavery on our republic? Are you prepared to say that Susan B. Anthony and those who fought for women’s suffrage were wrong? Then you should not say fighting for the right for every baby to live and be free of the threat of having his or her life extinguished is wrong. This is a greater fight because the unborn child cannot speak for herself! And since this is a democratic republic, there is no reason for you to keep your opinion on this matter to yourself.”

The Jericho Plan

Breaking Down the Walls Which Prevent Post-Abortion Healing
David C. Reardon, The Elliot Institute

This book gives clergy a proven method of preaching on abortion in a sensitive, compassionate and healing way which does not antagonize church members on either side of the issue. Indeed, we take the fear out of preaching on abortion by showing clergy how to unite their flock, despite differing political views on abortion, by drawing upon their common concern for women. It includes background info on Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS), sample sermons, testimonies, and an extensive resource list.

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